World Tomistoma Day

August 5th, 2016 saw the celebration of the first World Tomistoma Day.

Given the prevalence of ‘Wildlife Awareness Days’ that highlight other endangered species, we felt it was time to establish a day that raises the profile of an endangered crocodilian species.

The idea was initiated by, and continues to be developed by, the Tomistoma Task Force – part of the IUCN Species Survival Commission Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG).

The date of August 5th was selected as it is the birth date of the late Ralf Sommerlad – a founding member and a former Chairman of the Tomistoma Task Force. Ralf was one of the world’s most passionate and energetic supporters of Tomistoma conservation. This date has since been checked within Tomistoma range states and in a number of other countries in order for us to avoid important holidays.

TTF has been contacting zoological parks, aquariums and other centers around the world in order to encourage them to organise World Tomistoma Day events. Wildlife awareness days can provide a great opportunity to promote public awareness for an endangered species and to generate international support for its conservation. We envision this day evolving into events that create the same levels of participation as those achieved by other wildlife awareness days, such as World Rhino Day.

As planning progresses, we will update information on this page as well as the CSG  Facebook page.

For additional information about organising or participating in World Tomistoma Day events, please contact Colin Stevenson coleosuchus@hotmail.com, Bekky Muscher-Hodges muscherhodges@sazoo.org, or Aubrey Shwedick ashwedick@gmail.com.