WTD 2018

My, doesn’t time fly!

This year marks the 3rd World Tomistoma Day celebration, on August 5th 2018.

We have confirmation from zoos and collections within the USA, Europe and Asia who will join in promoting Tomistoma schlegelii.

We have a new logo, and you can find other downloadable resources in the download section of this website.

We encourage you to join us in raising some awareness for this cryptic and little-understood crocodilian species.

It is always remarkable to me when talking to visitors at Crocodiles of the World about Tomistoma…one of the largest living croc species and most people have just never heard of it.

That’s why we are celebrating World Tomistoma Day, rather than a more generalised one for crocodilians – that would of course be hijacked by the best-known and least-endangered species!

Join us, contact us, read up on Tomistoma and if you can, contribute in some way to helping ensure this species survives into the future. We really do need some help with this.



2017 WTD Logo

To celebrate WTD 2017, please use the logo here: wtd logo 2017

WTD 2017 countdown begins

With only five months to go until August 5th 2017, we’re starting the countdown for this year’s World Tomistoma Day.

This year, we’re looking to expand on the success of the first WTD in 2016 that saw many zoos around the world holding dedicated events to raise awareness for this little-known species.

We’ve had great feedback from last year, and most of the zoos have already expressed their intent to celebrate the day again this year.

Keep an eye on this page for more news. If you are interested in taking part, use the contact information to let the organisers know. We’re more than happy to help you publicise your event, and would love to post any images from such events.

So, keep the date free: 5th August 2017!


Action from WTD 2016

Below are some images from around the world as zoos celebrated World Tomistoma Day.

The Tomistoma Task Force want to thank everyone that arranged events or activities for the day. WTD 2016 has been a bigger success than we’d hoped, and we’re looking forward to a much larger celebration next year.

The aim was mainly to raise awareness for Tomistoma with the general public. Tomistoma remain largely unknown – not good for their conservation. Not only was this aim achieved, but we also managed to raise some funds. Money is still being collected at donation stations within many of these zoos. Croc Encounters in Tampa have sent of over $200 to the Tomistoma Task Force, so again, we want to thank all the zoos that got involved with World Tomistoma Day 2016.

San Antonio Zoo:

National Zoo

Virginia Aquarium

Croc Encounters, Tampa


Crocodiles of the World, UK

Chester Zoo

Tomistoma video from Chester Zoo

Protovin Krokodyli Zoo

Here’s a link to a great video made specially for World Tomistoma Day:

Protovin Tomistoma Video





Tomistoma Skull

P1010146 (2)

Colin Stevenson and the 84cm Tomistoma schlegelii skull


I need to say a huge thank you to Patrick Campbell at the Natural History Museum in London for allowing me access to this massive Tomistoma skull.

The skull is 84cm long, making it the largest skull known of any existing crocodilian species. I think this is a fitting skull in celebration of World Tomistoma Day.

DSCN1839 (2)

The ruler in the middle is 30cm / 12 inches for scale.