And before we know, World Tomistoma Day 2020 is upon us.

Of course, this has been a crazy year, but we’re planning a bit more than usual for WTD this year.

The usual zoo focus will still occur around the world, so if your favourite zoo houses Tomistoma especially, then look out for special talks and feeds on or around August 5th in recognition of WTD.

Head across to the Crocodile Specialist Group’s Facebook Page for more posts, photos and videos: CSG Facebook page.

TTF’s most recent report has recently been published in the CSG NewsletterCSG Newsletter. Some photos from the 2019 trip are below:


Hatchling T. schlegelii, Sekonyer river, Tanjung Puting National Park


Daytime survey, Teringin river, Lamandau Nature Reserve


Way Kambas National Park survey team.


Berbak National Park survey team


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