Action from WTD 2016

Below are some images from around the world as zoos celebrated World Tomistoma Day.

The Tomistoma Task Force want to thank everyone that arranged events or activities for the day. WTD 2016 has been a bigger success than we’d hoped, and we’re looking forward to a much larger celebration next year.

The aim was mainly to raise awareness for Tomistoma with the general public. Tomistoma remain largely unknown – not good for their conservation. Not only was this aim achieved, but we also managed to raise some funds. Money is still being collected at donation stations within many of these zoos. Croc Encounters in Tampa have sent of over $200 to the Tomistoma Task Force, so again, we want to thank all the zoos that got involved with World Tomistoma Day 2016.

San Antonio Zoo:

National Zoo

Virginia Aquarium

Croc Encounters, Tampa


Crocodiles of the World, UK

Chester Zoo

Tomistoma video from Chester Zoo

Protovin Krokodyli Zoo

Here’s a link to a great video made specially for World Tomistoma Day:

Protovin Tomistoma Video





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