WTD 2018

My, doesn’t time fly!

This year marks the 3rd World Tomistoma Day celebration, on August 5th 2018.

We have confirmation from zoos and collections within the USA, Europe and Asia who will join in promoting Tomistoma schlegelii.

We have a new logo, and you can find other downloadable resources in the download section of this website.

We encourage you to join us in raising some awareness for this cryptic and little-understood crocodilian species.

It is always remarkable to me when talking to visitors at Crocodiles of the World about Tomistoma…one of the largest living croc species and most people have just never heard of it.

That’s why we are celebrating World Tomistoma Day, rather than a more generalised one for crocodilians – that would of course be hijacked by the best-known and least-endangered species!

Join us, contact us, read up on Tomistoma and if you can, contribute in some way to helping ensure this species survives into the future. We really do need some help with this.


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